Class Descriptions

All fitness levels welcome to any class. 


Trilogy Pilates Foundation 

(50 minutes) - This is a foundation that’s built on the Pilates Method principles that develops correct form and alignment along with proprioception. This level helps you understand your body while getting the most out of your workout. Great for all fitness levels and can be modified if anyone is new to Pilates, getting back into fitness, or has physical limitations as this level showcases the progressions of each movement.


Trilogy Pilates Evolved

(50 minutes) - The Evolved Level is an intermediate and advanced building block that utilizes foundation principles to enhance proprioception, core connection and muscle activation, while challenging your workout of complex movements, coordination, balance, and stability.


Trilogy Pilates/TRX Fusion

(50 minutes) - A dynamic duo that establishes the integration of Pilates and TRX. This fusion class embraces the principles from each method while enhancing your athletic ability and performance. A perfect combination that will change your body from the inside out. Pilates/TRX Fusion is perfect for all levels: from beginner to a Professional Athlete.


Trilogy TRX

(50 minutes) - Created by a former Navy SEAL, TRX is a Suspension Training apparatus that utilizes your own body weight during each exercise. It develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. TRX is perfect for all levels: from beginner to a Professional Athlete.